I'm a Brooklyn based illustrator who specializes in characters. I translate text into simple visuals with teeth.


FRESH. expressive. FAST

I work quickly and have a vast stylistic range at your disposal. When you hire me for illustrative work, you are hiring a professional who thrives on grappling with visual problems.

"Teenage Chiron from  Moonlight "
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I've done standalone, satirical illustrations and animations for Al Jazeera English, illustrations and animations for the International Center of Photography's annual Infinity Awards, style frames for the Food Network and animation for brands like PepsiCoMasterCardIBM and Microsoft.

Beini has enormous talent, with a fresh eye.
— Carmel Travers, Executive Director at Essential Media
"Duct tape messiah" (Blaze Foley)
What’s most impressive is Beini’s ability to create a meaningful story and stir important, cultural discussion.
— Brian Storm, founder of MediaStorm, a multi Emmy award winning production house
(left, below, above) "A Love Poem for All the Women I have Known" by Bukowski
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Let's get in touch.

If you're interested in my work let's chat or grab a coffee if you're in NYC.

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